Man Gets 10 Years For Dragging Dog Behind Truck

(Photo Credit: Greenville County Sheriff’s Office)

Two women saw a truck driving erratically and were horrified when they realized that a dog was being dragged behind the vehicle. They followed and somehow the dog was released while the driver sped away. The ladies rushed in and called for assistance. With the help of a local rescue the young pit bull was nursed back to health and given a new name, Andra Grace. A crowd funding page was set up for her, Justice For Andra Grace, where she received a lot of public support.

Thanks to a dedicated animal charity the truck driver, Roger Owens, was eventually identified and charged with the crime. Unfortunately, due to lax South Dakota animal cruelty laws, it was looking like Owens was not going to get much more than a slap on the wrist. However, justice did prevail. The two time offender, charged with reckless driving and animal cruelty was sentenced to ten years in prison.

(Photo Credit: Animal Rescue Northeast Facebook)

Andra Grace was adopted by a couple from Florida, has completely recovered and is enjoying her new life.

This story (from last year) is inspiring and getting the word out that animal abusers will be facing much stiffer punishments for their actions.

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