Dog Saves Young Man From Suicide

(Photo Credit: Byron Taylor’s Facebook)

It’s almost impossible to believe, but a young man named Byron Taylor’s life may have been saved by his dog, Geo!

After a tumultuous break-up with his partner, Byron Taylor was depressed to the point of suicide. He created a noose from a piece of rope and then went downstairs to write a suicide note to his family.

When he returned to the room his Welsh Mastiff named Geo had taken possession of the rope and though he is normally very well behaved, would not give it back. He wouldn’t let go even when Taylor tried to take it forcefully. Taylor reports that his submissive dog actually growled at him.

Then Geo did something even more amazing: He tore the noose to shreds.

“He chewed up the noose. He never growls, but each time I tried to take it off him, he would snarl…In a way, I think Geo knew what I was going to do. They have a sixth sense about this kind of thing. He knew something was up.”

It is completely clear to Byron Taylor that his dog saved his life that day.

Sadly, the owner has another life or death decision to make because since then Geo has been diagnosed with a tumor that is, apparently, spreading. This incredible dog probably has only a few weeks to live and he is only 6 years-old.

(Photo Credit: Byron Taylor’s Facebook)

It’s heartbreaking, but since this story has broken, both on the Mirror and on social media, there are thousands of people who are rooting for both of them. Many have expressed worry for the young man that the loss of his dog may spiral him into depression again and many have expressed concern for Geo.

Byron Taylor has recovered from his depression. He is taking good care of Geo, who’s progress is currently monitored by his veterinarian. Geo is still in good spirits and plays happily. Byron will have to make the decision of when and if to put his dog down based on happiness and quality of life. It’s a tough decision, but surely the young man is thankful to be able to take care of Geo now, after the amazing dog saved his life.

He says he is sure he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his wonderful dog.

Visit Byron Taylor’s Facebook for more info and to show your support!