US Military Dogs Return From War Now Need Homes

In February of 2014, twelve Military dogs were dropped off at Mt Hope Kennels in Chester, Virginia to get rehab for issues such as PTSD. They were intended to get new assignments and the stay should have lasted five months.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, they were forgotten and the Kennel wound up caring for all twelve of these American Service dogs much longer than expected.

The bomb sniffing canines are working dogs, that protected American Soldiers overseas. They served in Afghanistan and Iraq and are credited with saving the lives of thousands.

Kennel owner Greg Meredith has spent over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars of his own money and suffered incredible hardship as a result. When it became too much to bear he finally called Mission K9 Rescue.

(Photo Credit: Mission K9 Rescue Facebook)

Thankfully the organization stepped in and has reunited six of the hero dogs with their former handlers, but the remaining six are still looking for the service men and women they served with overseas or new homes in general. Mission K9 Rescue is working hard on social media to share the photos of these dogs in the hopes that someone who worked with them overseas may want to ultiamtely adopt them or find them new homes. If you are interested in adopting a retired military service dog please contact Kristen Maurer of Mission K9 Rescue at 713-240-1383 or by e-mail [email protected]

Army veteran Jake Carlberg and wife Glenna tried for over a year to bring bomb sniffing dog Abby home. Jake and Abby were partners in Afghanistan and best friends. Sadly, Jake died in a car crash and never got to see Abby again. Today, Glenna and her two boys were finally able to meet the hero dog.

Posted by Heather Good 44News on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The former handlers who have been found have been eager to give homes to the dogs that protected their lives overseas, one said that it feels like a member of his family is finally home.

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