FINALLY! An Ice Cream Truck For Dogs

(Photo Credit: Facebook fetchtreattruck)

Kids are always excited to hear the sound of the ice cream truck rolling down the block, but there’s a truck full of treats that might get your dog’s attention, too. Fetch is a dessert restaurant on wheelsthat caters to canine customers in Alabama.

The owner, Allison Whitfield-Smith, creates doggy ice cream treats out of pup-friendly ingredients, so pooch bellies don’t get upset like they would with human ice cream. All of her creations are lactose-free, and she uses a dog-safe chocolate flavoring. She even eats some of the peanut butter treats herself, as all the ingredients are fit for humans, too.

Fetch also serves dog biscuits from local makers. They regularly attend dog-friendly events and make visits to dog parks. When walking your pups on a hot day, wouldn’t it be awesome to see a pooch ice cream truck coming up the street?