Dog Left Nailed Into Dog House To Die On The Street Gets A New Home [VIDEO]

A crudely constructed, boarded up, old dog house was dumped in the middle of a South Los Angeles street. People walked past the wooden structure for three days, before a curious person finally ripped the door off and was horrified with what they saw. Ghetto Rescue FFoundation was contacted and volunteers were immediately sent to investigate. What they saw inside was heart wrenching. A defeated three year old pup, cowering in the corner, alone, no food or water. A pup that would have escaped, if there was any way to escape, but he couldn’t.

Someone placed the Shepherd Chow mix inside the coffin-like, dog house and nailed it shut before dumping it in the streets. The dog was mostly likely fated to die a horrible, lonely death in the middle of downtown LA, had he not been rescued in time.

He had wounds, old and new, that told a sad story of abuse. The pooch was given the name Walter Worthy Higgins. Worthy, as in worthy of love. Then he was sedated so his injuries could be treated.

Walter’s rescuers soon found that his physical injuries would be nothing compared to his emotional ones. Even some of the most abused dogs will bounce back with time in a nice foster home. That was not going to be the case with Walter.

He spent months in foster care, to get proper socialization but still has a long road ahead.

UPDATE: Walter has since found his furever home. He has roomy new digs and still learning that not all people are cruel. He is just starting to trust again, and appears to be a happy dog, doing his best to forget a dark past.

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