Senior Dog Rescued From Freeway Off Ramp [VIDEO]

Hope for Paws recently rescued a senior dog from a freeway off ramp. The dog was laying in ice plant. Due to a badly injured leg, he only struggled for a few minutes before giving up, and allowing the petting to begin. He looks so happy after he realized that people were there to help him. When examined by a vet, they determined that his facial scars were just wear and tear of life on the streets. Thankfully the dog, now named Rudolph, is safe and able to enjoy his senior years.

He is available for adoption through Lionel’s Legacy. He sounds like the perfect dog for someone. His fosters describe him as very friendly and happy. He loves other dogs and people but definitely enjoys down time laying on his favorite spot, the couch.

Thank you Hope for Paws for the work that you do.

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