Shot, Dragged Behind A Car, And Left For Dead: This Golden Lab Mix Is A Survivor

A dog was found along a country road in Texas. It had been shot and dragged behind a car before someone had left the dog for dead. Thankfully, the four-year-old Golden Lab was picked up by the Fort Bend County Animal Control and taken to a vet. She had suffered bullet wounds, fractures and drag injuries.

(Photo Credit: Save A Lab)

Thanks to Save-a-Lab (a Texas based rescue group) and Saving Our Companion Animals (a Fort Bend rescue) she was able to get proper care and treatment for all of her injuries and was placed in a nice local foster home.

Barbara Vass a rescue worker for Saving Our Companion Animals, told Fox news that the first pictures of her, taken in her kennel and not in her best shape, show her wagging her tail.

Three months later and the dog, now named Devon, is happy, healthy, ready to meet her new family and hitching a ride with Pilots and Paws (a non-profit organization that get’s animal to where they need to go via the skies).

If you find this all very disturbing and upsetting and want to see more action taken, well good news. The FBI is taking animal abuse cases much more seriously. Starting in 2016, animal abuse will be considered a crime against society, a class A felony right up there with kidnapping and homicide.

To find out more: FBI Makes Animal Abuse a Crime Against Society.

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