Nicole and Arthur from Oakland


Human: Nicole

Canine: Arthur

Location: Oakland

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier

Our Story:

I met Arthur at Hopalong Animal Rescue in Emeryville, California. Arthur, who was first oddly named Joshua, was meant to be a foster dog until he found a forever home.

The second I walked into the room and saw him snoozing behind his little puppy cage I knew I was in trouble. My husband and I already had an older adult (but energetic) yellow Lab – we were not really looking to adopt another dog, but we were happy to foster a dog when we could.

Joshua was timid and shy when we first brought him home. But as soon as he saw Milo he busted out of his shell and immediately went to play.

He rarely jumps up on people, he takes treats gently, and he always minds his surroundings. Most of all, he has a look that makes my heart melt. We found him to have a gentlemanly demeanor, so we renamed him Arthur.

The two dogs have been playing, napping, and conspiring together for nine months now. And we couldn’t be happier for having failed as foster parents. Although unfortunately, we can no longer foster dogs in our home (we have a strict two dog maximum rule), we are happy to have adopted the gentleman once known as Joshua.