Laura Michaels and Mowgli from Rural New Mexico


Human: Laura Michaels

Canine: Mowgli

Location: Rural New Mexico

Type: Alaskan Malamute / Collie mix

Our Story:

As I was driving down my dirt road, headed for work in the morning, some of the neighborhood dogs were playing in the road ahead. I slowed down, and saw the gawkiest, most goofy and adorable puppy playing with them. It was indeed love at first sight.

I pulled over and greeted him, and he seemed a bit “off” – sick somehow- so I invited him into my car, and he was willing to let me hoist him into the back seat.

I was able to leave work early and take Mo to the vet, who determined that Mowgli was around three months old, was sick, likely coming off of a severe fever which had eroded the enamel on his teeth. We left with antibiotics.

At home, I made signs to put around the area where I lived, to see if he was someone’s dog. A week passed, Mowgli’s health improved, and no one had contacted me regarding Mo.

Then my neighbor told me that he’d seen Mo at another neighbors, and we agreed that he would ask the neighbor, David, if Mo was his dog. David came over, and when he saw how Mowgli was bonded to me, how Mowgli didn’t even respond to him a bit, he decided to let me keep Mowgli. We have been a happy, close pack ever since.