Jenn and Cougar from Missouri


Human: Jenn

Canine: Cougar

Location: Missouri

Type: Golden Retriever / Chow Chow mix

Our Story:

After we lost our Shepherd, I thought I’d never want another dog. But a couple of months later I was really missing the companionship. So I started looking at dogs on I found a few that I forwarded to my husband to get his thoughts. He came home and said “I want Cougar”. So I called the lady that was fostering him and talked for about an hour on the little she knew about Cougar. So we drove over an hour a few days later, met him, and brought him home that day. He was a little underweight, but plenty of treats made up for that! He’s the happiest, most affectionate dog I have ever met. And he has the best personality that shines through when he looks at you and smiles!