Rob and Phoebe from Maryland


Human: Rob

Canine: Phoebe

Location: Maryland

Type: Great Dane

Our Story:

We brought home our first Great Dane, Apollo, in the summer of 2006. Later that year, when he was about 9 months old, we adopted his pal Athena from the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League. Sadly, in early 2009, Athena passed away from bloat. It was unexpected and the entire family, including Apollo, was devastated by the sudden loss. We knew we would eventually adopt another friend for him and were half-heartedly looking around for homeless Danes when we came across a sweet girl on Petfinder named Mandy. She looked SO MUCH like Apollo, another beautiful merle Dane, that it just seemed meant to be.

We contacted K-9 Lifesavers, the rescue that brought her to Maryland from South Carolina, and before we knew it we were meeting their transport van in a parking lot. They brought up 70 dogs that weekend and Mandy was one of them. She was tiny, about 90 pounds, and timid. Her fur was grungy and she was missing patches (as well as a little chunk of her ear). She had a sinus infection and whip worms She was pretty gross! But she was sweet as could be and it was love at first sight, for us and Apollo. We brought her home, cleaned her up, made her well and renamed her Phoebe. She’s been Apollo’s best buddy (and ours) ever since. We adore both of our Danes!