Danielle and Walter from Allentown, PA


Human: Danielle

Canine: Walter

Location: Allentown, PA

Type: Mutt / Catahoula Leopard Dog mix

Our Story:

A few years ago, my young niece picked a book she wanted my boyfriend, Matt, to read to her. The name of the book was Walter the Farting Dog. We found it ridiculous, but funny. My niece was endlessly entertained by the highjinks of this gassy dog, and this became an on-going joke between myself, my niece, and Matt.

This past April, Matt suggested we go into Philadelphia for a picnic. There, we saw a very unique looking dog. Neither of us had ever seen a dog like this before. I went home and looked up the dog’s distinct characteristics and soon found the dog was a Catahoula Leopard Dog. I typed this into Petfinder.com and up popped a picture of a newborn puppy named WALTER!! I promptly filled out an application. I got a call the very next morning and after an interview, we were cleared to adopt Walter.

Walter was a rescue, living in a foster home in Arkansas. Once he was 8 weeks old, Walter boarded what was referred to “The Last Chance Highway” and made the long journey home.

The morning of his arrival, Matt and I woke up at 4AM to go pick Walter up in Allentown. The trailer pulled up and I was handed the sweetest and cutest dog I had ever seen. I felt like I waited my whole life to meet my dog and I finally had. I feel that fate brought me and Matt our very own “Walter the Farting Dog”!