Doreen and Kiko from Gary, Indiana

Human: Doreen

Canine: Kiko

Location: Gary, Indiana

Type: Boston Terrier / Rat Terrier mix

Our Story:

My husband and I were browsing, which we do often. We were not looking for another dog, since we have two already. However, we happened to find Kiko (not her name at the time) and her litter mates. Her little face just tugged at our heartstrings and it didn’t take us long to submit the application for her. Our application was approved quickly and before we knew it we were on the road for our 3 hour drive to Gary, Indiana to pick up our new bundle of joy. The girls at the Humane Society of Northwest Indiana were thrilled that we drove all that way for Kiko and everyone was so excited for her and for us. They asked if they could take a picture for their newsletter, which is the photo I am submitting here. We were, and are, puddy in her paws.