Bill Brobst and Moose The Goose from US


Human: Bill Brobst

Canine: Moose The Goose

Location: US

Type: Labrador Retriever

Our Story:

It was my wife’s and my  time to go pick out our Lab puppy at Empire Grade Kennels in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

When we got there I was pretty sure I wanted the biggest guy there.

Well I had a Lab before and this was my wife’s first dog so I let her pick. She wanted the wild guy chasing around the little orange ball.

So it was we picked the ball crazy Labrador!

Moose the Goose of Empire Grade Kennels.

I no longer have a wife but I have my best friend in the world – Moose has been there for me through the thick and thin!

Love ya Moose the Goose!