Betty Vroom and Arak from Brabant


Human: Betty Vroom

Canine: Arak

Location: Brabant

Type: Small Munsterlander Pointer

Our Story:

It is not so easy to buy a small Munsterlander, not even over here in Europe. They are not very popular dogs. But I wanted a Munstie very badly. In fact, I dreamt about Munsties most of my life, and now finally, I was in a position to give a Munstie a great life.

So, first there was a long search on the internet and in real life. Waitng lists for over a year!!

Then in a advertisement in a hunting magazine, there was this litter. Emails went to and fro, and one fine day in December my neighbors and I went to see this litter of Munsterlanders. Arak was busy playing with his siblings, but came to me twice. It was mutual love on first sight, and it still is.

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