McKenzie and Levi from Animal Rescue Welfare League

Human: McKenzie

Canine: Levi

Location: Animal Rescue Welfare League

Type: Rottweiler / German Shepherd Dog mix

Our Story:

The day I was told we should adopt a dog, I swear I almost went crazy. Since I could talk I had been waiting for those very words, and now they finally had been spoken my dream could take place!

Since I could read I had done my research on dogs, but I decided till we adopted the dog, I’d do some more research, so I did. In that few month time, I learned many things about dogs, and found the perfect shelter! The Animal Rescue Welfare League located in Phoenix, Arizona (

When we arrived at the shelter, I had already found a dog I was interested in, a mix named Hatch. But when we told them we had cats, they suggested Apollo, a handsome mix. I had seen him on their site, and if I thought he was handsome on there, the picture didn’t compare to him up close and personal!

I fell in love and pretty much forgot everything about Hatch. At first Apollo ignored us, doing his own thing, but eventually he came over to us, and seemed to rather like us!

That was it, he was mine! Me and my family adopted him, and as we were filling out the adoption form, a family walked in looking for him, just as someone called also looking for him!

We felt sorry for the family, but already loved Apollo too much to even consider allowing the family to adopt him instead. The family luckily decided to adopt a different dog!

Soon after we renamed Apollo, Levi! We are glad we adopted him when we did, or we wouldn’t have the amazing dog we have today!