Max Presnell and Bug, Stellaluna, and Charlie from NJ


Human: Max Presnell

Canine: Bug, Stellaluna, and Charlie

Location: NJ

Type: Affenpinscher

Our Story:

My friend Todd loves to post pictures of animals to be rescued. One was of a tiny Scottish Fold kitten. When my daughter saw it, she asked if we could have a kitten just like that one. I went onto pet finders and typed in ‘scottish fold’ and up popped a picture of Bug. The tiniest, fluffiest thing I had ever seen. I contacted the ‘foster mom’ who was caring for them, and made an appointment to visit.

My husband was not too keen on another cat, as we already had 3, but when he saw Bug, he melted! Bug was playing with her littler mates, a Burmese type slinky chocolate kitten and an amazingly purr-ey Tortie. After almost two hours of playing with the three, we had to make a decision. We knew we wanted to take Bug, but what would become of her friends? The three of them now live very happily with us, and our other 3 cats! I dont know if Bug really is a Scottish Fold, but it doesn’t matter at all….She, Stella, and Charlie have found a home… with a great big family!