Nate and Gina from Brooklyn


Human: Nate

Canine: Gina

Location: Brooklyn

Type: Chihuahua / Manchester Terrier mix

Our Story:

My fiancee Laura and I were looking fora second dog to keep our Taco, our Chow-Spitz, company. He is the sweetest pet you’ll ever see and loves to meet other dogs and play with them but we felt he didn’t get enough chances to meet them.

We searched online and found an ad for Gina. There was a photo of her on leash in the foster owner’s kitchen, staring at the camera with her dark, scared eyes and her giant ears sticking from her tiny black head. Although the post said she was a very mischievous and ill-tempered pup the photo was very endearing.

Working from home I felt I would have the time to give her the attention and training she would need.

We scheduled a meeting with Gina and her foster caretaker, Lisa, outside of her apartment building. Right out of the gate she was a snarling, barking little beast, pulling her leash harness to it’s limits. Apparently the ad was accurate. We walked along side her for a block or two at a safe distance.

To test our compatibility and (and my competence) Lisa gave me Gina’s leash to handle. At first the unbridled little demon struggled but soon realized the futility of fighting with someone 6 times her height holding her by a tether.

She had so much energy we thought it might be a good idea to have her excerpt some of it by running up and down the block with her. Laura and Lisa chatted while the two of us galloped a bit. Her athleticism was apparent from the beginning. Gina leapt and bound like a deer or a greyhound. She was impossible to keep up with. And although she was panting, she was not tired one iota.

Despite Lisa’s warning about the difficulties Gina would present and an un-socialized dog we had already fallen in love with her. We fostered her shortly thereafter and finalized the adoption within a few months.

When she first met Taco she was surprisingly calm about it. She usually is extremely suspicious of other dogs but somehow she had an even tempered reaction to him. Not exactly warm, but better than we expected. Now it’s been almost a year since they met and they’re not exactly best friends but they’ll chase each other around the apartment and do some occasional wrestling.

Turns out Gina is very sweet and loves to cuddle once she gets to know you. Unlike Taco, despite his gentle nature, can only tolerate hugs and lap sitting for a few moments before he slips out of your lap. Gina, however, with beg to jump into my lap whenever I’m not paying attention to her, or she feels left out.

Gina’s also a great athlete, which has made training her loads of fun. She’ll leap several feet into the air just to catch a treat I toss her as a reward for good behavior around strangers.

Overall, Gina has been a great addition to our little family. Although she isn’t the play pal for Taco we had initially sought out it has been very rewarding to be around a dog with such a vibrant and unique personality.