Anna Juarez and Zeus from Mesilla Valley Animal Services Center


Human: Anna Juarez

Canine: Zeus

Location: Mesilla Valley Animal Services Center

Type: Labrador Retriever / German Shepherd Dog mix

Our Story:

I should have known better but when my friends Linda and Barbara asked me to accompany them to the local animal shelter so Linda could pick out a new pet, but I was happy to go along. I love dogs and they know I know more about the various breeds than they do so I was going to give them advice and try to help Linda find the “perfect fit,” a dog whose personality, size and other factors were a good match for her needs.

There was Zeus, just a scrawny puppy with HUGE paws and ears. He was kind of homely, actually, but, when I petted him, he wrapped his paws around my wrist as if he didn’t want to let me go!

When I learned that he’d been dumped by the side of a county road with no food or water during the hottest month of the year, my heart went out to him. He was lucky a car hadn’t run him over and that he had not died of dehydration. I went to lunch with my friends and asked “Do you think Electra (my other dog) would get along with Zeus?” They pointed out that, in my own mind, I’d already named him and, therefore, I should get him. They were right! I went to get Electra and immediately returned to the shelter to see if they got along and, yes, they did. He’s helped her become more sociable and, in many ways, it was a perfect fit!