Suzie and Zeus from Chandler, AZ


Human: Suzie

Canine: Zeus

Location: Chandler, AZ

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier

Our Story:

A friend of mine was driving home from work late and his headlights spotted something in the greenbelt by his house. The greenbelt was by a busy road so he stopped. Sitting in the greenbelt was a tiny 5 week old puppy. The puppy was scared, cold and shaking. He put the puppy in the car and headed home.

The call that changed my life: my friend called me to tell me what he had found and asked what he could do. He lives in an apartment and could not keep the puppy and the puppy was sick. My mom is an animal lover and everyone always calls us when they find animals in need. We went and got the puppy and took him to the vet. He was given medication and our plan was to find him a good home. We watched for flyers and lost dog signs but there were none. It was clear he was dumped.

My Mom would not let him go to just anybody because of his breed and insisted he be neutered before going as well, so when he was all healed, neutered, and named we realized that Zeus did have a home…with us. We love him and he is the best dog. He is a breed ambassador. We are going to get him involved in pet therapy he’s just that good.