Diane and Laddie from Eleventh Hour Rescue, Rockaway, NJ


Human: Diane

Canine: Laddie

Location: Eleventh Hour Rescue, Rockaway, NJ

Type: Shetland Sheepdog

Our Story:

I saw Laddie on Petfinders.com – I had been looking for “The One” and I kept clicking on his picture. His story and those sad eyes made him so hard to resist. He came from Georgia – he had been found on the side of the road after being attacked by animals. He was close to death. A good Samaritan found him and brought him to the vet where he was treated and stayed until he was well enough to go his foster home. There he stayed until he was strong enough for his long trip to the shelter in NJ, Eleventh Hour Rescue. He came in on July 21 and I met him on July 22 and the rest is history. I had found “The One”!