Brenda Keinath and Angel from Whitehouse, Tx

Human: Brenda Keinath

Canine: Angel

Location: Whitehouse, Tx

Type: American Pit Bull Terrier

Our Story:

Angel strayed up to my house looking like a dog that may have been from Ethiopia. Starved within an inch of her life. No hair, only ribs, couldn’t even tell what kind of dog she was. I could put my fingers around her skin and bones body. She was on my front porch when I got home one day. Went inside the back door and hopped on the couch and slept for 2 days without moving. The 3rd day I took her to the vet. She had nothing wrong with her at all except malnutrition. Was so starved it too 2 full weeks before we could get food to stay down.

Six months later she got all her hair back and back to health. She is a beautiful American Pit Bull, red and white, grew a white heart on her side in her red hair. Perfect heart. The most loving and yet protective dog I have every seen in my life. Pure love. Will not let a bad person near me but stays between if one is thought to be bad or trying to get in the house (happened twice). Just stays between us.

Loves children and even a rabbit that stays in the yard. Protects her territory as we live in the country and has had to protect from wild hogs (got stabbed once by one) and coyotes (by the pack). Would give her life for me. Loves me more than is believable. I called her little Angel when I first saw her that first day and she actually is a true Angel from heaven, I believe.