Leeann and Anya from SAMS CLUB, ALABAMA


Human: Leeann

Canine: Anya


Type: Labrador Retriever

Our Story:


We are from Southern California and my dad’s job moved us to Liberty Park, Alabama. My mom, brother, and I were not really happy. Alabama rubbed us the wrong way. The weather,the slowness, and the distance between everything.

What only took us about an hour at most to do in California took us all day almost in Alabama. We always got lost, and well, the days just never went right. It was the first time we ever saw so MUCH rain. Rain like you could not believe it. Coming down so hard you couldn’t see in front of you.

Finally the storms had passed. It was a hot now! Really hot, crazy weather. My mom and I were going to do our shopping before my brother got out of school but for some reason my mom said, “Let’s wait and grab some lunch with him.” So we picked him up and started the long drive to Sam’s Club. We saw this skinny dirty ugly little Lab outside. She came right up to us and was so thirsty i ran inside and filled up my cup with water.

I asked all around, “Hey is this your dog?” Everyone said no and just went about their day like who cares. I couldnt believe it! In California, I belonged to 3 rescue groups so I’m constantly around dogs, rescuing them and fostering them. At times I asked where was the nearest animal shelter and was told about 3 hours away…

I told my mom we can’t just leave her here. She agreed. so I called my dad and said, “Hey! I found a little black dog. Can I bring her home?” Granted, we had two already at home and were living in an apartment! He said, “Do whatever you want, Dear!”

So we called a lot of vets hoping to catch one before they closed, just to get her a rabies shot. She got in the car no problem and fell fast asleep on my brother. He said, “Let’s name her Anya.” My mom replied, “Let’s wait on the name. We can’t keep her and should really try to find her old home — or a new one.” We got to the vet’s office and she did the strangest thing. She put both her paws on my mom, brother and me and just looked at us as if saying THANK YOU! Well, she had us at the paw shake.

Anya was only 40 pounds when we found her very underweight — and had heartworm. The first few days she did nothing but sleep, but today she is a heavy 70 pounds and is free of heartworm! A lot of money, but she is more then worth it!

We moved back to California! Back to our old home and we couldn’t be happier. It was a tight fit in that rental mini van with 3 dogs and two fish and my dad, brother, mom, and me, but it was the funniest time ever! She went back to Alabama with my dad for the next 4 months and they’re each others’ best friends! She never leaves his side!!

Now they are back and we are one big happy family! She is the best thing that came out of Alabama and  believe god made us go there that day to meet Anya who came across our path like fate, destiny! She’s made our world so full of happiness. Our sweet princess Anya.