Deborah Franecki and LULU from Tim’s House


Human: Deborah Franecki

Canine: LULU

Location: Tim’s House

Type: Golden Retriever

Our Story:

We had two dogs already. My son Tim also has two golden retrievers, Thor and Venus. Venus was pregnant and we were all excited for the puppies to be born. Sherry called me at 4:15 on a Tuesday morning saying the puppies were arriving. I went over to see them and to help in any way I could.

When I got there two of the pups were already out. The first was stillborn, the second one was ok. The others seem to be stuck and we had to take Venus to our vets for a c-section.

Sherry said, “Here take this one.” Venus had her c-section and there were nine more pups. They all were ok. It was so much fun and a lot of work as we waited for them to grow. The little one I held for the first time was my favorite. She was cute. I thought I will call her LULU until she was to go to her forever home. Venus was so intent on cleaning her that she bit off part of her left ear. I did not care, I was in love with her by then.

I just could not let her go so I convinced my son Matt to buy her. He still lived with us so I could still see her. She became my soulmate and was like a child to me. Matt eventually bought his own house and of course wanted to take her with him. I just could not let her go and he relented and said I could keep her. She was such an easy dog to train. She learned all the tricks. She could walk without a leash and would wait at the corners for me to catch up. She brought the ball back as many times as I could throw it.

I was lucky enough to have her in my life for five years. We had a fire in our house and we could not get Lu out. She died of smoke inhalation and was not burned. The fireman bought her out. They gave her O2 and did CPR but could not bring her back. We were devastated by the loss.. My husband steve was home and tried to put the fire out . By the time he realized that it was too big for him it was too late for Lu.

There is not a day goes by that I do not miss her and replay that night over and over in my mind. We finally moved to our dream house three months later. As I was driving over to my new house I thought the only thing missing today is Lu. When I got inside the prior owners left a little note for us about garbage pick-up, etc. They left the spare key on a ring with a little Angel on it. It was the one that Lu wore attached to her collar. She had lost it and I could not find one to replace it. I will always think that that was Lu’s way of saying she is always be with me. It still gives me goose bumps thinking about it. We did eventually did find and rescue another Golden named Ginger, but that is another story for later.