Anna Juarez and Electra from Young Park, Las Cruces, NM


Human: Anna Juarez

Canine: Electra

Location: Young Park, Las Cruces, NM

Type: Australian Shepherd / German Shepherd Dog mix

Our Story:

When my beloved Ruby (Chow/Blue Heeler mix) died, I knew I could never find another dog like her. I went to the shelter for a couple of months, looking, but just never made a connection.

Then, in November 2004, six months after Ruby died, I was at our local Renaissance Faire in costume as part of the Royal Court. I was passing the Humane Society’s booth when I saw an acquaintance was working there as a volunteer. I stopped to chat with her and, naturally, stopped to look at the pups.

There in a cage was Electra, all fuzzy and lying between 2 short-haired pups that looked to be pure German Shepherd fast asleep. She was so pretty that I had to comment on her and, next thing I knew, they had pulled her out of her cage and handed her to me! Although she had just been pulled out of a sound sleep, she blinked her sleepy eyes and started licking my face like she’d known me forever. That was it, I now had my new friend!