Brenda and Lily from Ohio


Human: Brenda

Canine: Lily

Location: Ohio

Type: Miniature Pinscher

Our Story:

My Christmas “Lily”:

I started virtually fostering Lily (aka Blackie) on October 9, 2009. Since I am fond of Miniature Pinschers, this is the breed that I chose on Save a Dog. The other dog that I was fostering, soon found a forever home. I continued to foster Lily each day with a “pet” and “walk”. Each time I “petted” and “walked” her, I would read her profile and look at her pictures. Approximately a month later, I sent an email to the animal rescue facility, where she was being homed, to get an update on her status. I was told, adoption was pending while waiting on x-rays from vets office. I soon found out that Lily had “bad hips.”

Another week went by, and I continued “petting” and “walking” Lily. I asked myself, ‘What would it be like to ACTUALLY pet and walk Lily?’ I soon answered my own question.

On November 24, I submitted an online application. I knew that Lily had some physical issues, so I was prepared to have my application denied. The next morning, there it was – “You can adopt Blackie”!

You see, Lily is not a puppy, nor is she a dog that can run and chase a ball. Lily is a senior dog that has spent her entire life in a puppy mill. She was extremely malnourished and had very dry skin (prior to her rescue). But, it was Lily’s walk that was the most distinguished. She is extremely bow-legged and her knees “pop” out of place.

Twelve days and three vet visits later, Lily is on her road to recovery. She had to have seven teeth pulled (but is much happier). Also, x-rays performed on her hips, showed that she has had a pelvic fracture. (If only animals could talk.) I soon learned that Lily is deaf and does not bark.

For such a small and delicate animal, Lily is a survivor! She loves her dog bed and velour blanket, treats, but even more……food! When I see her greeting me at the front door and wagging her little nubbed tail, I know that every thing is going to be just fine and that my “Christmas Lily” will continue to bloom.