Shirley and Candi from North Carolina


Human: Shirley

Canine: Candi

Location: North Carolina

Type: Treeing Walker Coonhound

Our Story:

My husband and I were surfing craigslist. Molly, our American Bulldog/Amstaff mix pup, was lonely and wanted someone to keep her company. My husband wanted a hunting breed, someone we could take running with us. We happened upon a listing of a backyard breeder of walker hound puppies. He was giving them away! Right then and there we contacted him and set up to head there the next morning to pick one.

We were looking for a male, and the gentleman only had a couple of the pups left. When we arrived she was the last of the litter. Poor girl was covered in sand ticks and fleas. Dirty but so friendly and just kept giving me kisses. We brought her home and she rode on the backseat with our son, her head in his lap the entire trip back to Virginia. We got her home and washed up, and already at 14 weeks she’s treeing the squirrels on our walks. She and Molly get along so well, and are always getting into mischief. She filled a hole in my heart from the loss of my Rottie/Shepard mix Rocky.