Shawn Marie Shames and Daisy from Wag On Inn Rescue Oakhurst NJ


Human: Shawn Marie Shames

Canine: Daisy

Location: Wag On Inn Rescue Oakhurst NJ

Type: Doberman Pinscher / Mutt mix

Our Story:

I was scanning the local rescue dogs (in Monmouth county NJ) on the Save a Dog page on Facebook. I found Daisy’s picture (she was being called Marcia at the time). Instantly, I was amazed at how much this puppy looked like my old dog Chewy, who we had put to sleep in June 2009. I showed her picture to my husband Barry, & my son Eric. Later that day Barry said to me, If I wanted to, we could put in an application to adopt Marcia-who is a rescue from Puerto Rico. We also have an almost 3 year old Basset Hound named Lola, & since Chewy died, she’s been lonely. Lola’s been with us since she was 3 months old & only ever knew being in the company of another dog. We (my family), were also missing something since Chewy’s death.

I put in the application that night (it was a Saturday) to adopt “Marcia”. it all was so fast!! the next morning through various emails & phone calls with the Wag On Inn rescue (Jody & Michele), we were approved!! it turned out that “Marcia” was in a foster home the next town over from us, & my whole family, Lola included, went over to meet the puppy, & to bring her home!! that was on August 2nd 2009. Daisy is now about 8-9 months old, & she is a very sweet girl. She wants nothing but love!! Her & Lola get along great!!! Typical sisters!!