catherine and Roxie from ONLINE


Human: catherine

Canine: Roxie

Location: ONLINE

Type: Collie / German Shepherd Dog mix

Our Story:

I met Roxie online. It was love at first sight for sure.

I wasn’t looking for a dog, I was just surfing the web. While doing that I came across The English Town Flea Market and a link to AARF. They are an adoption organization. I thought I would look just for the heck of it. Then my heart stood still when I saw her… not a very attractive picture of a dog in a crate – but that was it. I wanted her.

I called emailed AARF to inquire. They would be bringing Roxie to the flea market on the weekend. I told them I would be there to get her. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to Jersey but I would figure that out.

I showed my friend the dog and she told me she would take me to see her.

Then I got an email from AARF telling me Roxie wasn’t going to be at the flea market because she had kennel cough and possibly mange. I told them I didn’t care — I wanted her. They told me to wait another week to see if she was better, then they would bring her. I waited one week. I emailed them again and asked them to please bring her because I was taking her home. They agreed.

My friend took me there and I took Roxie home. She was very shy and I thought she might have been abused. She did need medical care and she got the best. She is 4 years old now and lives with 6 cats. Roxie thinks she is the mother to all the cats she loves them, and they her. She is a happy healthy girl and the most perfect dog.

The women from AARF told me that she thought I was crazy because I kept calling and emailing about this sick dog. She thought I would not show up to get her. When we met she told me that she was so happy and that Roxie was one lucky dog.