Vivienne and Yasir from South Africa


Human: Vivienne

Canine: Yasir

Location: South Africa

Type: Saluki

Our Story:

I was still living in South Africa, and browsed the QAWS website (Qatar Animal Welfare Society). Yasir was listed for adoption, and he was called George.

Somehow he talked to me through his picture, and I kept thinking of him. We were to move to Qatar, middle east, 6 months later. I told my husband that if “George” was still there, that we were destined to be together.

We arrived in Qatar, 6 months later….. the first weekend we went to the shelter, and there was “George” still waiting for me!! We were in heaven!

The funny thing is, Yasir is a purebred Saluki, but no one adopted him, and this dog breed is very highly respected in the middle east.

The same day he moved in with us, and lived in Qatar with us for the next year. We are now back in South Africa, and we brought Yasir with us.

The picture is of me picking him up at the quarantine station in Johannesburg, after he stayed there for 3 days upon his arrival from Qatar. Eight thousand kilometres could not keep us apart, and I now strongly believe in the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words!”