Gladys Fonseca and Zena from Lakeland, FL


Human: Gladys Fonseca

Canine: Zena

Location: Lakeland, FL

Type: Miniature Pinscher

Our Story:

I have had a few dogs throughout my life. But after my kids grew up and left the nest, I swore off dogs as too much trouble and decided I preferred parrots of which I now own three.

I met a guy who owned three Miniature Pinschers (a female named Tina and her two sons). I used to go to his house almost daily for about two months and would feed them their dinner. At some point a dog had gotten in the fence and Tina was pregnant. I quit going over there until about a month later. When I knocked on his door and he opened it, there was Tina, right beside him. She greeted me like her long lost friend. But the amazing part was that almost immediately she started trying to get me to follow her and I did. She took me out to the pool area and presented me with her three newborn puppies! I was so amazed at her behavior, I couldn’t forget her. I just kept dreaming of what it would be like to own one….if I were looking to own one.

One day, I walked into a pet store to buy some bird food. There was a beautiful, extremely hyper Min Pin puppy (nothing like Tina!). Although I told the salesperson I absolutely did not “want to hold it,” she got the dog out anyway. Well, of course, I fell in love and bought her on the spot.

They say when the dog is right for you, you’ll know. Well, I took this three month old puppy home and began the puppy training which I’d vowed I’d never again do.

I had remodeled my home but in those first days, periodically I would find a Palmetto Bug/Roach in the house. I am extraordinarily terrified of them. I am not exactly sure HOW it happened but one evening, I found one in my living room. I went into freak out mode jumping around and screeching (Zena was about 6 months old). As soon as she saw the bug, she pawed it once or twice and grabbed in in her mouth. I freaked more and I think I just scared her to death but she ran to the back door. I opened it and she took the bug out!

Now remember, that is amazing for me because if I see a bug and no one gets rid of it, I cannot sleep all night (I live alone). So her doing that for me was a blessing!

Until then, I was unaware that this type dog had been bred to keep the homes and barnes in Germany free of vermin (mice, roaches, etc.).

Well, believe it or not, I only saw maybe two or three more and each time she would do the same thing! My hero! She is now about 3 1/2 years old.

Since then, I recently adopted a second Min Pin, Zeus, who is 2 1/2 years old and as regal and beautiful as can be. I now also volunteer for the Min Pin Rescue Organization (IMPS) and foster Min Pins in my home until they get adopted!

And I said I didn’t want dogs any more! Yeah, right! Once a dog lover, always a dog lover, I guess!