Suzanne and Rex from Michigan City, IN


Human: Suzanne

Canine: Rex

Location: Michigan City, IN

Type: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Our Story:

Over the years our children grew up and left home. Finally the last very old cat died. We lived for awhile in what we called “a fur free zone”; but we missed the chaos of children and pets. I am a teacher, so near the end of the school year we decided to get 2 kittens. We began visiting the local animal shelter in May. Each weekend we would play with the kittens. We finally decided on a Maine Coon kitten and a young gray short hair cat that was a stray. Finally, I let the shelter know that the next Saturday we would pick the cats up. The attendant was thrilled. She explained that the shelter was getting a new floor and that they needed to place as many animals as possible. She said that what she needed was short term care for the dogs for about 10 days while the floors were being replaced. “I can take a dog for 10 days,” I said. “Can you keep the cats?” I asked. Well you know the end of the story. I tried, but could not give Rex back. We ended up keeping him and getting the two cats. People who know us, say Rex chose us. I think that is really true. Chaos has returned to our house, and we are happy!