Lisa and Shiloh from San Antonio, TX


Human: Lisa

Canine: Shiloh

Location: San Antonio, TX

Type: Basenji / Shiba Inu mix

Our Story:

I found him on They called him a Shiba, but he is definitely mixed. He was being fostered in a home in Schertz, TX. At the time, I lived outside of Houston. We were going on a vacation to San Antonio, so I contacted the Humane Society to arrange a meeting when we were up there.

As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one. His tail was crooked from where it had been broken and he had several scars on his face, which they assumed was from abuse. He had been found in the Walmart parking lot. His foster mom informed us they had just found out that morning he had heartworms. They told us we could come back in 45 days to get him. We had driven over 4 hours to get him and I wasn’t leaving without him. I bent down and whispered in his ear that I would always take care of him. It’s a promise I will never break. We promised to get him treated and they waived the usual wait period. They said we must really want him to take him sick. As soon as we got back home, he was taken to the vet and treated. Three years later, my Shi guy is a healthy, much loved member of our family.