Kathy and Shadow from Abilene, TX


Human: Kathy

Canine: Shadow

Location: Abilene, TX

Type: Labrador Retriever / American Pit Bull Terrier mix

Our Story:

We moved into our new house in the country in September. One cold, rainy October day, my husband walked out our front door and saw a shivering, starving, pitiful looking mangy black puppy leaning against the side of our house. We are up a hill and relatively far from any other houses. He took the dog in to warm her up and dry her off. She was a “surprise” when I got home from work late that night.

Shadow was so sweet, so loving, so trusting, and SO CUTE. We had decided no pets, but a week later, we had a dog. Everyone at our vet office loves Shadow, our kids say she made our house a home, and she turned us into dog lovers. Our neighbor down the road tried to get us to give or sell them Shadow when they moved out of state, but there was no way! We now have two other doggie brothers and sisters for Shadow, and I work as a volunteer at a local Rescue shelter.

Shadow’s beautiful soul has changed many lives.