Laura Lee and Buddy (Green-Bean) from Illinois


Human: Laura Lee

Canine: Buddy (Green-Bean)

Location: Illinois

Type: Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever mix

Our Story:

Its wasn’t love at first sight for me, but it was for my husband. He was dirty and jumpy when we first saw him, but when we tried him out for a weekend (he was nice and clean) he never went back home.

Buddy was given to us by a friend who didn’t have time to give him. Plus I didn’t know that at the time, the family was moving and couldn’t take him with. He spent most of his time outside and really didn’t have much time in the house at all. Even though our friends loved him very much, Buddy is getting a lot of love and attention that he really needed.

When we first got him, he was afraid to come into the house. It took him about a week to get use to that. He didn’t really know how to fetch or play without getting scared. When I called him on the couch, he would get really stiff and jump off right away. He did the same with the bed (it took him almost a year to stay on the bed). He is now the couch hog. He really is a joy and we love him very much (he’s my husband’s dog, but we all love him). He has a brother, Alex, who we adopted in 2000. Buddy and Alex love to play all the time and he’s good for Alex, keeping him young. He also LOVES LOVES LOVES the snow. We call him our snow dog. We have never had a problem with him going into the house or damaging any of our things. He gets along very well with Lucky Lee our cat and loves our Rat, Sammy II. Life would be very boring with out my pets. We love them all very much… Thank you for letting me share.