Brigitte and Isis from Lee County


Human: Brigitte

Canine: Isis

Location: Lee County

Type: Golden Retriever / Chow Chow mix

Our Story:

As I was driving home, I saw her sitting on the side of the road. She looked so lonely and lost, just like I felt. My husband had died not too long before. I went back, and for some reason I had no fear, even though she is a big dog. She came up to me and put her paws around my leg, like she was saying please help me.

She was very skinny, and I saw no food or water. There was a beauty shop and fire station, and I asked around and nobody knew her. So I took her to the vet where we discovered she had a microchip. We called the owner, but they did not call back, so after two weeks she was mine!

She is my best friend. I went to the dog shelter and got her a sister — a mixed mini pincher. They love each other and play a lot, and I did not know how gentle my big dog could be.