Toni and Lilly from rescue organization


Human: Toni

Canine: Lilly

Location: rescue organization

Type: Papillon / Shetland Sheepdog mix

Our Story:

While at a rescue open house (looking for a very small dog), my husband took a little break and sat down next to an wire pen. In it was Lilly, a mom with five puppies. She was rescued from the street at 2 years, pregnant and obviously had been attacked by a multitude of large dogs. She was terrified of people and terrified of other dogs (especially large ones), but very protective of her litter. They didn’t think she was adoptable.

When my husband sat down Lilly came over to him, put her long legs on his lap and just stayed there. It was love at first sight. Lilly has been with us for a year…and has become a special part of our lives. She is getting more tolerant of people and will even tolerate small dogs. I think we were all very lucky.