Sage and Ella from Tucson, AZ.


Human: Sage

Canine: Ella

Location: Tucson, AZ.

Type: Border Collie

Our Story:

It was a crisp October afternoon when I first layed eyes on miss Ella. My parents and I drove out to a little town back in Colorado to see a litter of free puppies. The mom was a Border Collie but I’m not sure what the Dad was. All of them were so cute, just balls of fuzz; running and playing. I wanted one. but I wasn’t sure which one to pick up; that’s when Ella picked me. She used my foot as a rest bench sitting on me and then running off again with her siblings. The second time that she sat on my foot she looked up at me, like I’m ready now. That was the beginning of us, it’s been thrilling, comical, and involved several big car rides when we moved. Photos don’t do her justice, simply she’s the best thing since sliced bread! I love her like there’s no tomorrow.