Karin and BurritoBeans from FortWorth, Texas


Human: Karin

Canine: BurritoBeans

Location: FortWorth, Texas

Type: Chihuahua

Our Story:

My mama’s friend raises Chihuahuas. Mama bought one about a year earlier & was invited to go spend the week so her friend could see how the dog was doing. Early Thursday morning my mama packed up the jeep, put a sweater on TacoBell & made the three hour drive to the country to show off her Chihuahua.

The first day all was fine but that night my real mommy gave birth to me. Now this was a huge surprise. No one realized she was heavy with puppy, because she was old, really old. She could no longer hear & could hardly see. But mama tried. She tried to nurse me, but it was too much for her. Her old body just couldn’t do it & early the next morning she went to puppy heaven.

I was too small to nurse on the other mommy Chihuahua so they took me to the vet. He said “this is the tiniest dog I have ever seen & probably the skinniest, he just doesn’t have a chance, let the poor thing die”.

Nope, not us! We bought formula & puppy bottles. Which were way too big for my mouth, so they fed me with an eye dropper. The first couple of days were fine, but then two other Chihuahuas gave birth & had to be taken care of. So my soon to be mommy got the task of feeding me. Because I was so tiny I could only drink a few drops at a time. My new mommy found it easier to just carry me around all day & feed me whenever I made a noise. This made TacoBell upset, he did not want to share his mommy with me. He nibbled my ears & tried to push me away from his mommy, he did not like me.

Monday night mommy packed up the car & TacoBell for the drive back to town. Her girlfriend said “take the puppy with you, I can’t take care of him, he’ll die here.” “If he doesn’t I know I won’t be able to sell him or even give him away because he is sooo ugly. He eats real well with you & he likes you, so take him home”. Nope, my mommy said, “TacoBell doesn’t like him. Besides he really is ugly. His head is too big, his body is longer than his stumpy legs, I don’t want him. I don’t have time for a sick puppy”.

But her friend insisted. “Please take him, bring him back when he is old enough for his shots and I’ll do them for free, pallllleeeese!”

No, no, I can’t mommy said and put me in the box with the other Chihuahuas. First time since I was born I wasn’t being held and I didn’t like it, no, not one bit. I squirmed my way out of the box and headed for my mommy. Making little puppy screeching noises I crawled & scooted toward her. This she could not resist. She picked me up, I nuzzled under her chin & began sucking her neck. That was it!

All the way home she mumbled, “What is wrong with me, this dog is sooo ugly and I am too busy to take care of him.” All the way home TacoBell tried to push me off my mommy’s lap, but I fought him off. Oh and I’m purdy ugly too, mama says so.