Zain Aman and Tommy from Karachi,Pakistan


Human: Zain Aman

Canine: Tommy

Location: Karachi,Pakistan

Type: Rat Terrier

Our Story:

I met my dog when I heard that there is a certain mafia in a rural area engaged in organizing dog fighting and breeding dogs for the same. I couldn’t help myself and even after facing severe opposition in my family and receiving threats from people involved in dog fighting, I adopted a newborn puppy brought it home and I have been taking care of it like a parent.The dog, Tommy, is a very playful dog and brought a huge change in my life. Now I feel more responsible more caring towards my family as well as my friends.We enjoy every day of our lives and don’t even think about going any where without each other (except for the bathroom :D).

I had a very struggling childhood and a sorrowful life but after getting Tommy in my life I have forgotten my past and consider Tommy as my new reason for life. Now I truly understand life in its true meanings.Thanks, Tommy!!!