Mary Jane and Megan Suzanne from Lima, Ohio


Human: Mary Jane

Canine: Megan Suzanne

Location: Lima, Ohio

Type: Boston Terrier

Our Story:

I had big dogs for years and was forced to face the fact that I was getting too old for such heavy dogs. I needed to be able to carry my dog if it was sick or hurt. My Dad, who died a few years before, had often talked about having a Boston Terrier. I lost my last Rottweiler, so I decided my next dog should be a Boston. I found Megan through a sign on the bulletin board in a grocery store. We met when she was only two weeks old and by the time I was able to take her home, she was used to being cuddled by me and had heard my voice say her name many times. We are like Velcro friends. The picture doesn’t do her justice because she doesn’t like getting her picture taken.