Amy and Maya from Cincinnati,OH


Human: Amy

Canine: Maya

Location: Cincinnati,OH

Type: Dachshund / Chihuahua mix

Our Story:

Wow, this story tears me up. I was searching Petfinder looking for a dog to adopt when I moved into my first apartment. I tried several rescues including the Dachshund rescue, the minpin rescue and several others without any luck. Their response was, “You’re living in an apartment. You’re a college student. You do not have a yard.” I was so tired of hearing those responses that I almost gave up. But I continued applying for just about any dog at this point. I knew I was looking for something small, possibly that would not get any bigger than 20 lbs as an adult.

 I found the best rescue ever. Their name was Brighter Days for Animals. I saw the most beautiful 3 year old dark red colored long haired female dog I had ever seen. She was amazing and I fell in love with her instantly. I inquired about her and then applied to adopt her. I found out about 24 hours later that she had an adoption pending. I was very upset because I knew she was destined to be with me, or so I thought.

The rescue emailed me back with pictures of the puppies. I first told them, no because I wanted an adult dog. They then said they did not have any for adoption and sent me more pictures of the puppies. By this time I was on the fence about getting a puppy compared to an adult dog. I thought about it for 3 more days and then decided that I would take a puppy. I shot them an email back and they told me about the puppies and their sizes, personalities, and so on. I was hooked I had to have one. I picked the runt or so I was told.

I had to wait till they were big enough to get spayed and vaccinated before I could adopt one. The rescue was so kind, they told me when the puppies were 10 weeks old I could adopt the runt.

She came to me a small short-haired dog that was originally thought to be a chihuahua dachshund mix, later to find out maybe a patterdale terrier dachshund mix. I have had her for 2 years now and she is the center of my world. She goes just about everywhere with me. She turned out to be the best friend anyone could ask for. She is now 15lbs and a ball of fire. She is very smart and doing excellent in her basic obedience class and is looking forward to starting agility classes in July.

Thanks so much for giving me Maya, Brighter Days. She has definitely found a forever home and family where she will always be cherished and spoiled.