Animal Farm Foundation (where Pit Bulls are just dogs)

Biscotti receives long-overdue affection.

Listen to the Road to Rescue interview with AFF’s Stacey Coleman and Bernice Clifford on Animal Radio Network.

Holly, looking right at home.

Leslie loves up tripod Calamity Jane.

Long before the Michael Vick dogfighting story broke, before Cesar Millan and his brood became famous, before many Americans could even tell you what a Pit Bull looks like, a small sanctuary in upstate New York was working to restore the image of the most misunderstood and mistreated breed in history. The sanctuary is Animal Farm Foundation (AFF), and the dogs they care for there are among the most gentle and loving animals one could ever hope to meet.

Most come from New York Animal Care and Control where Pit Bulls are routinely euthanized due to the sheer numbers entering the facility, and for the most part, their origins and histories are unknown. But some are rescued from dogfighting rings or other situations of unbelievable cruelty.

As I toured the bucolic sanctuary grounds, met the residents, and heard their stories, I came to understand that the remarkable aspect of all this is not that a few extraordinary animals were able to overcome severe mistreatment, but that such resilience and innate affability is the norm among the breed.

To hear more about this incredible organization, check out my radio interview with AFF’s Stacey Coleman and Bernice Clifford.