Linda and Barney from USA

Human: Linda

Canine: Barney

Location: USA

Type: Great Dane

Our Story:

As a volunteer for MidAtlantic Great Dane Rescue I was asked to evaluate a dog which was to be an owner turn-in. When I drove the hour to evaluate him in his home, I discovered a dog that paced constantly and had no hair on his joints and back. His smell was very bad. I observed that at 18 months old he had spent most of his life in a crate probably that he had long outgrown since his back was rubbed. I submitted my evaluation online and later that night it noticed a request for transport. I knew it was for Barney ( AKA Astro/Buddy). I left work at 3:30 PM and drove the 2 hours to pick him up and 3 more hours to a foster home. He stared at me in the rear view mirror for those hours and his smell was so bad I had to ride with the windows open in Jan. I left him in the very caring hands of his foster mom but the car seemed so empty for the 3-hour ride home. I talked myself down on the way, saying “You can’t adopt every dog you encounter as a volunteer”. That was not successful since I couldn’t get him off my mind.

The foster mom kept in touch and he was doing well and having a good life. He was deemed “very adoptable” since he was good with kids and other dogs. About 3 weeks later he began to fall down and it was discovered he had Wobblers Syndrome, a neurologic problem with his cervical discs, making it difficult to control his back end. A week later I brought him home. It hasn’t been an easy ride since he has difficulty walking and has to be lifted to his feet which can be a feat with a 150-lb dog. With a lot of family support he’s having a good life. There is no doubt in my mind he had decided to be with me the day we met.