Janice and Niko from North Carolina


Human: Janice

Canine: Niko

Location: North Carolina

Type: Dalmatian / Border Collie mix

Our Story:

I work at a city dog park in Raleigh, NC. part time. We just had out annual “Bark around the Park’ where vendors, animal control, and SPCA were there to show off the dogs. I first met Niko when I was assigned to walk him around the park to get his exercise. We had so much fun. Niko is 4 months old and is very good with children. I had heard that he was up for adoption and I really wanted this dog. I had to jump through hoops to get Niko but when I did I was so happy. I adopted Niko officially on May 2, 2009. I feel so blessed because I have wanted a dog for so long. My son Jake, who is 17 years old loves Niko as well. Niko is the best thing to happen to us in a long time. My son, and Niko are my life!