Julie and Fax from Fremont. CA


Human: Julie

Canine: Fax

Location: Fremont. CA

Type: German Shepherd Dog

Our Story:

I adopted my beautiful and sweet German Shepherd Fax from a German Shepherd rescue. He was famous among the rescue group for all the trouble he got into, and for his lack of training which made him difficult to adopt. As a trainer, I knew I was up for the challenge and wanted to offer a home for a “difficult” dog. He was about two when I adopted him. After just a little training he has turned into an amazing dog.

He even became certified to be a Therapy Pet! We visited nursing homes together and he warmed the hearts of the residents. It was quite a sight for them to watch a huge German Shepherd walk into the building, but he was very gentle and enjoyed all the attention from the residents.

He also became my assistant when I started volunteering for the rescue group. I would go to the homes of potential adopters with him, interview the families, and observe how they handled having a big dog like him in their homes.

Fax is an active boy and will be eleven in October, 2008! While he is showing some signs of slowing down, his favorite things continue to be: playing fetch, hiking off-leash, swimming, and just being part of the family. What an incredible dog he is… and to think he was once given up by a family that couldn’t control him. It is amazing what a little training can do.