Christina and Ginger from Dublin, CA


Human: Christina

Canine: Ginger

Location: Dublin, CA

Type: Vizsla

Our Story:

I had childhood dreams of owning a dog, but they never came true until recently. My fiancé and I were looking for a four-legged friend who was active but also loved to spend lots of time with the family. That led to our discovery of the Vizsla.

After hours of research and working with the local Vizsla clubs in California, we found a reputable breeder in Oregon. We filled out an application, asked a ton of questions, and decided to make the drive up.

I’ll never forget my first encounter with Ginger. She was curious but a bit shy, but that only lasted a few seconds. Next thing I knew, she was giving me kisses and wouldn’t stop chewing on my hair.

Our lives haven’t been the same since. Ginger is truly a great friend. She follows me everywhere I go, even to the bathroom. After a day out and about, she loves to cozy up in front of the fireplace or burrow deep into the covers on our bed.