Amy and Maggie Mae from San Francisco


Human: Amy

Canine: Maggie Mae

Location: San Francisco

Type: Dalmatian

Our Story:

I had just put my beloved Dalmatian Spot to sleep after thirteen and a half years of love and mischief. (Spot had been a wedding present from my mother, and since then my marriage had ended and my mother got Alzheimer’s, so Spot had a soft spot in my heart, to say the least.)

Normally, I am a big cocooner and love being home with candles lit and incense burning. But suddenly home life seemed so flat without a Dal’s amazing energy.

Within two weeks I was contacting all Dalmatian rescues in Northern California. Sadly, no purebreds were to be found. I finally reached a woman named Patti who bred Dalmatians show dogs. She had one who really craved one-on-one attention and needed a good home.

Patti and I chatted for a half hour, got a really good sense of one another, and she sent pictures of Maggie Mae. The dog was stunning. We set up a time to meet, and I fell in love after eight minutes. Maggie liked me as well, and Patti could see we were a match made in heaven.

Maggie Mae had grown up in a rural area surrounded by family members. Life in San Francisco’s Sunset District, where you can practically hear your neighbors sneeze, was a huge transition, but she made the adjustment quickly.

She adores the massive amount of attention she receives, running at Baker Beach, and sniffing the plethora of heavenly scents in Golden Gate Park. And, we get to visit Patti each January when she competes at the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show, with one of Maggie’s relatives.