Erin and Oliver from San Francisco


Human: Erin

Canine: Oliver

Location: San Francisco

Type: Chow Chow / Mutt mix

Our Story:

My daughters and I were scouring pictures of adoptable dogs online when we spotted Oliver. His almost maniacally happy mug just screamed “Hi, I’m Oliver. I am ready to be loved!” We laughed at the image, but found ourselves going back to it over and over again because of the jolt it gave us.

A couple of weeks later, we made the long trip out to Davis, California to bring Oliver home. It was not love at first sight and it took us all a few weeks to adjust. It turned out that Oliver had been unlucky in love and we were his third family in his short one or two years of life.

He was sweet, but initially wary of getting too close. He was also a bit wild, evidently having never been trained. But as one wise friend pointed out, “You can’t train for sweet,” a characteristic that Oliver had in spades.

Those days seem long ago as now Oliver is truly a part of the family. He is as loyal as the day is long, and never leaves my side if he can help it.