7 Dogs Who Love Cows For Cow Appreciation Day

In honor of Cow Appreciation Day we are celebrating our mooing friends by showing off some of the dogs who love them. Cows and dogs are common companions on farms, so it’s not unusual to see canine and bovine buddies getting along and having fun together. These are some of our favorites from all over the internet.

1. Cows And Bulldogs

Manfred the Bulldog is very gentle in approaching the long-reaching tongues of the big animals behind the fence. But once he’s in range, the cows waste no time covering him with kisses. They’re all clamoring to meet the friendly pooch and say hello. Cuteness transcends all species.

2. All The Ladies Love Me

(Photo Credit: Imgur)

The Pit Bull in this picture looks like he couldn’t be happier to be getting attention from all the ladies on the farm. The pup has a wide smile as he enjoys all the sloppy smooches from the “big dogs” that are surrounding him. And the cows are excited to welcome a new, weird member to the herd.

3. Lucy In The Grass With Cows

Lucy the curious Boxer puppy is excited about the new friends that have come over to investigate her while she’s on a nice walk, but they’re a bit nervous. Lucy doesn’t want to startle them off, and sensing their apprehension, she lies down on the grass, wags her tail, and lets them get a good sniff. Suddenly, it’s happy greetings all around, and Lucy is the star of the show.

4. Tracey And Baby Obama

Tracey loves her calf, hilariously named Baby Obama, and the feeling is mutual. The two enjoy lying in the sun together and catching some rays, and when Tracey decides to trot off on an adventure, Baby Obama follows. The loyal dog allows the calf to try and nurse on her ear, and it doesn’t seem to bother her much. That’s one patient pooch.

5. Barbed Fences Won’t Keep Them Apart

Dante the golden retriever wakes up bright and early to greet the neighbor cows each morning. He’s careful to climb up to their level so they can say hello face to face and lets them get in a few licks. The dog goes back and forth to make sure everyone gets some love from over the fence.

6. Lana Wants To Play With The Big Dog

Lana the Dachshund puppy seems to think she’s come across a big dog friend, and she just wants to play. She bounces around with her tail held high, challenging her new buddy to chase, but the slow cow is just curious about the hyper little pup. The two are happy to dance around and give each other some playful sniffs.

7. Matching Colors

Harriet is only 12 weeks old and has lots of puppy energy. She doesn’t know if she wants to lick the cows or play with them. Meanwhile, the cows all seem intrigued that this small creature with the same markings that they have won’t stop jumping around. Why does this tiny cow have so much energy? But they’re happy to give her some licks all the same.

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